CREATIVITY. The word creativity either puts you off or welcomes you - depending on your talents or

CREATIVITY. The word creativity either puts you off or welcomes you - depending on your talents or so-called lack of talents. We all have talents in different fields, not necessarily artistic, but if you have a talent it means you are creative. Appreciating and using your talent is one key to being a well-rounded person. Creativity is a God given gift that is part of the human condition. It is built into us as is the ability to think, to be emotional, to be physical, spiritual and human. Creativity is a one of these human gifts and conditions. When used it is a temporary release from stress and every day cares. It is a tool to create thoughts and objects to share with others and the world.

Artistic creativity in each one of you and your children can blossom with guidance.

Look to The Joy of Jewish Art for Children: A Guide for Parents and Teachers for inspiration, information and projects. 500 pages at Mosaica Press.

Follow Amazon for price reductions. This week it is $24 (regular $34) subject to change. Please if you can give it the stars recommendation.

Thank you and all the best all the time


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