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You Are In The Haggadah

This is an easy Passover project. It is so simple it could easily be overlooked. It doesn’t take much time to prepare and yet can have a long-lasting impact on your children because they are IN the Haggadah.

“Where am I?”

A lot of my thought over the years have gone into this idea beginning when my youngest son, age 5 at the time, saw a photo of our family taken before he was born. “Why am I not in the photo?” he asked.

What did he do? Not one to remain passive, he took a marker and drew himself into the picture (the photo).

You can do the same in the Haggadah for each child or member at your Seder table.

Your child sees himself in the story

Take a photo of the child and make copies.

Cut the photo to fit.

Glue in place of each illustrated face or figure.

No photos to cut up?

Instead of photos, draw a likeness of the child on a piece of paper, and make copies.

Cut out the faces.

Glue over the face of each one illustrated in the Haggadah.

Do this on every page where appropriate.

How does this help your child?

Good for connecting to our past, our self-esteem and to stir up our introspection: “What if it was really me in Mitzrium (Egypt)?” Remember it is a mitzva to imagine and think we personally came out of Mitzrium. This is a great way to do this.

For more creative Passover projects to connect to our past and raise self-esteem see The Joy of Jewish Art for Children: A Guide for Parents and Teachers. Mosaica Press.

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