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Jewish Art for Children

Unleash their Creativity

and Express Jewish Values

For Parents and Teachers

  • 100 child-focused projects, for ages 4- 12 and adults.

  • Lessons and guidance in fostering creative expression of Jewish values.

  • Understand and relate to your child's creative self.

  • Deepen communication, through art. Art therapy parallels.

  • Art skills and techniques, flexible or according to developmental stages.

Age 10 Colored pencils, Har Sinai
Room construction, diorama
Pencil, goat, age 9
Ten plagues, age 3 1/2
Hand drawing, pencil
P, age 6 Har Sinai
DP, age 6 Design, paint
TW, age 7 Paint on paper, the Kotel

About Devora Piha

Devora Piha is the art teacher you always dreamed of for your children. She is creative, nurturing, and makes Judaism come alive in ways many of us have never imagined.


In this incredible work, Mrs. Piha has gathered together over 30 years of her knowledge, experience and excitement to share with Jewish parents and teachers. She provides dozens of ready-to-go projects as well as countless lessons, ideas, and stories to bring Jewish art into our lives – and hearts.

About the Book

500 pages, divided into 3 sections

* What is art and creativity?

What is Jewish art and creativity?

Its source

* Development and communication skills

Good character traits

Using mistakes

Art therapy parallels

* Materials and techniques with nuances

Who is it for?



Art therapists



Multi-cultural programs

What does it teach?

Understanding Jewish art and creativity

The imagination in depth


Jewish education and values

A love of children

Blog, Speaking, Buy, Contact

Excerpt from the latest blog post.


Speaking to groups on understanding and using creativity, and other topics

* Local in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

* Online via Skype or Zoom

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Questions on implementing creative Jewish expression in your classroom or your home?

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We try our best for you.

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